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New to BJJ? Learn how to tie your Jiu-Jitsu belt

As part of our "New to BJJ" series, I'm listing out things that I wish I had knows on day one, before my first class. One of the first challenges that every white belt encounters is tying their belt. It looks easy. We have all worn belts our entire lives. So, what is the big deal? Why should you learn how to tie it correctly?

The first reason:

Confidence. I know what it's like to start BJJ. Everything is new.. new people, new techniques, new aches and pains. Knowing that your uniform is on correctly and you don't look like a full on noob, might give you a little more confidence. Until you can own the part of a BJJ practitioner, at least you can look the part.

The second reason:

Speed. After each roll, everyone goes back to the line (or whatever you do in your gym), and re-ties their belts and gets ready for the next round. By practicing tying your belt, you will have more time to rest, drink water and roll. If you are tying it the same way each time, your speed will increase and muscle memory will take over.

The third reason:

So it stays on. You will notice very quickly that everyone's belt falls off. That's just a reality to rolling on the ground and fighting for your life in a sweaty gi. Your belt is going to come off almost every roll no matter what you do but if your tie it correctly, it's less likely to work itself loose. If you learn to tie your belt correctly, your belt will stay secure longer and it will be easier to put your pride and gi back into place after each roll.

Here is your homework:

Watch Rener Gracie teach you how to tie your belt. Practice it a few times before class and you will be a pro in no time.


Keep Rolling! -OSS!

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